The Australasian Human Development Association (AHDA) is a multidisciplinary, non-profit association formed in the early 1980s. The goals of the Association are to foster and promote research on human development at all stages of the lifespan, including prenatal development, infancy and childhood, adolescence and adulthood. The association promotes the application of research findings to inform professional practice in various disciplines, as well as to inform social policy concerned with individual development, families and communities.

The Biennial Conference of AHDA aims to address a broad coverage of research activities focussed on human development across the life span, in basic and applied research areas.

A twice-yearly newsletter keeps members informed of conferences, events and networks. Members’ research interests are varied and include ageing, infant development, special needs, social development, learning, developmental psychopathology, adolescence, adult development, cognitive development, early childhood, motor and perceptual development, children’s rights, family processes, parenting, lifespan development, reading and language development.

Current Governance of AHDA

President: Annette Henderson, University of Auckland, NZ
Secretary: Sue Walker, Queensland University of Technology, QLD
Treasurer: Jaimee Stuart, Griffith University, QLD

Newsletter Editor: Levina Clark, Flinders University, SA (

Webmaster: Sue Walker, Queensland University of Technology, QLD

Executive Committee:
New South Wales: Lynette Roberts, University of New South Wales
New Zealand North Island: Paul Jose and Vanessa Green, Victoria University of Wellington

New Zealand South Island: Megan Anakin, University of Otago and Claire Fletcher-Finn, University of Auckland
Queensland: Sue Walker, Queensland University of Technology
South Australia: Margaret Chandler, University of South Australia
Victoria: Mary Ainley, University of Melbourne
Western Australia: Vacant

Japan: Makiko Naka (

Indonesia: Amelia Maika (

Contact AHDA: